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Testimonials for SmartRooms

General Surgeon Country Victoria
Software is very user friendly. (fool friendly!).

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Victoria
Regarding SmartRooms Practice Management Software:
I started using SmartRooms four years ago and it was my first attempt at a medical computer package, having come from a banking career. I found it very user friendly, easy to understand - navigating easily from screen to screen, appropriate buttons geared towards running a specialist practice (e.g. medicare claim forms, health funds etc).

Regarding DoctorWare Support:
I have always found the support from the ladies at DoctorWare to be efficient, friendly and extremely helpful- and if I did come up with a new problem they always found a solution in record time. We are on a first name basis and have a comfortable rapport with each other. Any new ideas and suggestions are passed on, and sometimes used, such as a training night, which I suggested some years back. I have always recommended the use of SmartRooms.

Neurologist - Victoria
A system which evolves to deal with changes in practice: in HIC options and in opportunities to incorporate new electronic records, images, tables, videos. Clients can interact with the software developers and see their suggestion incorporated in the new versions.

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Victoria
As you know I thoroughly enjoy working with SmartRooms and feel that the software is evolving all of the time to keep up with the ever changing medical practice. The software is user friendly and simple to learn. The support we receive is second to none- not only because you provide technical support to correct any problems at hand, but also because you are willing to listen to problems we have and rectify them as soon as you can. We are reassured to know that future upgrades will have extra features that we, individually as a practice, require, and you are prepared to put forward any suggestions for future upgrades to Bill. I also find that you are prepared to try to seek alternative ways of doing a task that is not readily available in the software package, for example: the assistant billing procedure. Even though there is no one step way of doing this in SmartRooms, you came up with a way of getting around the problem. I therefore feel that I am not locked into any barriers when I am trying to problem - solve a certain issue, or tailor certain aspects of the software package to our practice i.e. using creative item numbers etc.

All in all, SmartRooms is a great software package and the support and future expansion of the package is brilliant.

Overall, what I love about you all there - you are not afraid for us to put our bit in. You listen attentively and are only too pleased to be of any assistance however you can. You may not realise it but you are an integral part of our medical practice and I enjoy that we can work together.

Neurologist - Sydney
SmartRooms offers medical practitioners and their staff reliable and affordable software solutions and service that has always exceeded our expectations. Despite being based in Sydney, our office is able to maintain a highly efficient environment with the support, training and immediate help that SmartRooms is able to provide for us. The software is user friendly and having been designed by people in the medical field, goes beyond what any standard database would achieve for our office. I highly recommend the software and more importantly the technical and support team that stands behind this great product.
I have used SmartRooms now for over 6 years. It is very focussed on the needs of Australian Specialists. The support we receive is excellent and any suggestions we make are listened to, and often incorporated within the next release or two of the software. I like the fact that this software is platform independent (Mac + Windows) and also that it is written on top of the 4D database program, which has been around a long time.
I use the networked version of SmartRooms and my staff and I are able to log in from our secondary practice site, and from home, which has been very helpful on many occasions.

Satisfied neurosurgeon - Victoria
"I have found SmartRooms a satisfactory program over the last few years"

Neurosurgeon - Victoria
"SmartRooms is the best package by far (that we have found) for patient accounts integrated with word processing."

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Victoria
“On the whole, we find the SmartRooms package is comprehensive and easy to use. Most of the functions are intuitive and even temps who are new to Macintosh are able to use the program effectively.”