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Appointments - Pathway to Patient Management

The appointments in SmartRooms are a great way to control your patient processes.

All patient functions can be accessed from within the appointments.

When a patient calls a single click can create the appointment, and if an appointment already exists then an alert will pop up and inform you.

To change the appointment time it is as simple as drag and drop, or using the cut and paste function. If you prefer you can open the appointment and type new date and time details.

Once the patient has completed their visit an account can be easily generated by clicking on the account button and with the pay now feature you can create, pay and print the account and receipt for the patient in one simple action.

Appointment types can be used for easy appointment setup. Details that can be configured are - appointment length, items to be billed and the name of the appointment.

In SmartRooms 14 directly from the appointment edit window you can quickly create patient letters.

There is much more that can be managed without leaving the appointments window - patient booking status, appointment reminders, including sending SMS and Email's to the patient and managing the appointment waiting list.

If you would like to know more refer to the manual or give us a call.Through your SmartCare support we aim to help with all of your SmartRooms questions.