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Financial Reporting

The reporting could be performed once a year by running the report called ‘Financial Summary” - Financial Year.

There are various reports in SmartRooms that show different details of financial information. All the different financial reports can be accessed from the main screen of SmartRooms under the Reports menu with flexibility in time frames.

The report ‘Financial Summary’, as described above, may be the report to meet most of your accounting needs. The information is printed as a graph of total amount billed versus the total amount received per month for a particular financial year.

On selecting this report under the Reports menu you will be asked to select the relevant financial year followed by ‘date created’ or ‘date sent’. The ‘date created’ is when the account is initially started. The ‘date sent’ is the date when the account is printed, and then sent / given to the patient.

Depending on your accounting methods the ‘date created’ or ‘date sent’ should be chosen. Then that same choice should always be used. This will ensure that the accounting reports are always reporting the same way.

If you have more than one provider number in SmartRooms a similar report that could be useful is the ‘Income by Provider No’s’. The information is presented in the same graph format but the data is broken down by the different provider numbers in the system.

If more detail is necessary then the journals maybe a useful tool.

The available journals are the : Accounts Journal, Payment Journal, Reversed Accounts Journal, Quotes Journal. Each of these give a detailed report on the transactions that have occurred. This is the detail that is behind the ‘Financial Summary’ report.

When running the journal reports there are a variety of options.

The sorting options are by - surname, account date, or account number. The doctor and site are chosen. Then the selection range available is - month, quarter, financial year to date, specific date, financial year, date range.

The wide range of breakdown of information should support any accountants request for information.

Some sites will need to report detail every month. Some practices a summary at each quarter. Every practice is unique and will need to decide what is required for their practice.