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Apple is removing the power PC support in Lion. This means that applications that require the Rosetta component (found in earlier versions of the Mac OS) will no longer function.

NB SmartRooms 14 can now run natively in Snow Leopard i.e. does not need Rosetta.

A SmartRooms version will be compatible with the new Mac OS Lion. Please do not upgrade to Lion until you have contacted us to check when that SmartRooms version will be available for release and the steps that will need to be taken for installation of the upgrade to your computers.

In any case, we never recommend immediate upgrade to a new operating system as soon as it is released by Apple as waiting for a little while can ensure any problems encountered can be ironed out by Apple first and also gives us time to test SmartRooms in Lion before release.

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Welcome to the DoctorWare blog

Welcome to our DoctorWare blog.

You will find many topics of interest that will apply to SmartRooms, practice management and IT in general. Please check back regularly.

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